Saturday, January 22, 2011

Backbends and Pregnancy - Don't do it!!!!

See that picture up there? The one where I am feeling so wonderful in a deep bridge. My back felt open the baby felt lifted. Fast forward 19 months...Diastasis Recti! Were my back bends the cause? I think very probably. And even if they weren't should I have really been trying? With baby number one I was continuing my practice with very little change. Baby number 2? Bigger! Body not the same = all kinds of body issues. More later!
Don't know what Diastasis Recti is? Check it out here It is basically a separation of your abdominal muscles. Now I know why my back felt so open! Big oops!! Luckily there are things you can do. Number one Physical Therapists for Women's health can work miracles. Every woman should see one. You can retrain - but don't do it on your own! I did that too. Guess what it made it worse!!
Moral of the day - Sometimes you really just need a real expert! and You are worth taking care of!
A good place to start and learn is here The Tupler Techinque. She is located in Manhattan, but she is a great resource for women everywhere.

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  1. Hello :) I just read your post, and I would love to get more information from you! I practice Ashtanga, and practiced throughout my first and second pregnancies. Like you, my second pregnancy brought a diastasis (lots of deep back bending). It's small, but it's there... I'm trying to become more educated as I slowly get back into practice, and I would love more of your insight. Perhaps we could email? Is there an email address you use I could contact?