Friday, December 12, 2014

Emotional Aspects of Essential Oils - Lavender and Marjoram

What is the one smell either terrible or wonderful that immediately takes you to a moment in time?
For me it is the smell of a babies head, that soft and subtle smell in those precious early moments of nursing. Even picturing it in my head evokes the same sensation of that smell. As a former New Yorker, envisioning a summer day by the subway evokes a memory in the same way - though not as pleasant!

The trigger of a smell creates a chemical reaction in our body. Putting us on alert or calming us. The world of essential oils is so incredibly complex. The more you learn, the more you want to learn. Our family's  journey of essential oils stepped into high gear when we learned about the emotional aspects of the oils.

I could wrap my head around the idea of oils effecting my mood, but not effecting my person-hood. That is until I experienced. I encourage everyone reading to research and try themselves.

In the comments of our giveaway we discussed two particular oils. Lavender and Marjoram.
I love the lemony smell of Marjoram. Marjoram's list of possible uses is long, it can support the respiratory and muscular systems in many ways. However, the first time we used it was in fact, to support emotional well-being with one of my children.  According to the fantastic reference guide Emotions & Essential Oils, Marjoram is the "Oil of Connection." 
In terms of my child, we experience challenges that at times make it hard for him to interact with others. He is either social and interactive or fearful of new situations. Marjoram has been very helpful in supporting our family and friend connection.  I also believe this would be very helpful for someone who might need to experience more compassion (in conjunction with geranium). This is a great oil for supporting the feeling of safety.
Lavender! We call it the Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils. What can't you use it for. We often find ourselves with an empty bottle. It is rare, however, that we use it for calming. Have any idea what some uses might be?
In terms of Lavender's emotional context, it is the "Oil of Communication." The first time I saw the title I was a little confused, how did that connect? But as I read on and revisited some memories it became clear. Lavender comes up for me quite a bit. People would never know that I am an introvert and that it takes significant effort for me to communicate with others. Why? Because I get nervous. Sometimes I do not even know I am nervous! So what does Lavender do? It relaxes us so that we are able to communicate from our heart center.
Cool huh? So now I ask you? Have you ever used an essential oil for it's specific emotional aspect? Or realized one after use?  If not have you used a Flower Essence? And if so which one and for what? What is another oil you would like to know the emotional aspect of?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Breathing Easy!

This time of year always causes distress in our home. But after two years of aligning ourselves with a healthier diet, rhythm, outdoor life, acceptance of who we are and finally essential oils - we are seeing the light! In honor of the holidays and homeschooling parents everywhere, I am giving away a bottle of Breathe Respiratory Blend to the Earthschooling community. I want to hear from you? What questions do you have? I see so much controversy and not enough real discussion about oils out there. Let's start it hear in a safe loving way. Do you use Essential Oils regularly?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Jellyfish Stings - Ouch!

We were at Yorktown beach and had another chance to put the Purify to work again. Lots of Jellyfish and lots of opportunity to try it out. Tons of people asking my husband if they could use some. Great to take on vacation - and if you are in Yorktown, look me up!

Working and parenting. Starting to flow.

A new era has ushered in! Being  a Mom and being doTERRA is flowing. We are moving gracefully from one thing to another, with lots of time for interaction. I love my life! Thank you dōTERRA!

Interested in learning how you can change an become a Wellness Advocate - leave a comment or visit my site -

Spider Bite?

July 4th was certainly eventful. At some point, I believe while I was sleeping something bit me multiple times. I did not see the aggressor (though I am sure it thought I was the aggressor!)
In retrospect, considering the amount of pain I was in a trip to the doctor might have been in order. But you know Moms  - we just keep on trucking. And in the end I succeeded in taking care of it myself. Anyone have a guess to who the little bugger was?
At first we thought it was poison ivy. So I doused myself with On Guard and did lemon, lavender, peppermint.
In the morning I started having nerve discomfort and used PastTense a lot. It helped so much! I kept up with the Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and added Basil and Purify.
In this picture the bite started to become contained but it was still incredibly uncomfortable. Swelling went down enough to identify bite marks. 
Started with Oregano, and kept up with all the above oils. Finally the bite shrank down leaving the skin a bit rough.

After 3 days all was well. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

The path is opening.

It has been an adventure and will probably continue to be. But Wednesday it started to become clear that I was on the right path. My work day became blended quite naturally with my mama time. We even had a sprint through the art museum. Here is to the future, to patience and to transformation. Thank you dōTERRA!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blueberry season!

It is here! Finally. The winter was full of ups and downs but it was worth it to to walk among the bushes and pick this morning. So much work to do, but so worth it.