Thursday, September 27, 2012


Since I have started writing I have seen so many changes. A second child, a remarkable home birth, Waldorf Education, deciding to leave my career, a move to the south, a deeper understanding of relationships and reality, gardening, unexplainable allergies that point back to unfortunate western medical choise, goats, chickens, chicken pox, a move slightly farther north, the slow food, movement, community, unschooling, deciding to throw myself into certification classes for essential oils, iridology and homeopathy, followed by being accepted to a pretty hardcore masters program for Chinese Medicine, which means a move to the other side of the country.
What does this mean we have had some much come through our experience in such a short time that we finally need to let go and trust. What is the point of being resistant?
Not let me just lay down so you can walk all over me, but let us follow our intuition, build a boat with some basic supplies and let me trust you will dock us safely and gracefully on the shore.
My family and I are so blessed to continue this journey everyday. What a beautiful world we live in. What a wonderful family I have. We are truly blessed, full and free.
So many adventures to follow!