Thursday, September 26, 2013

Farm, Family and Frankincense.

Big changes are undergoing on so many levels. Where to start? First off we moved to a FARM!! This  is a big step in fulfilling our dream. It was a truly bumpy road to get here, with so much more work ahead - but we are here! And we are so happy! The children are acclimating, and as I hoped their constant requests for media have begun to melt into nature and their imaginary worlds. Today we made maps and talked about history. Instead of whining I was greeted with excitement and requests for pouches to carry their map scrolls. Fastened from paper, tape and yarn the boys spent hours on adventure. And my creativity turned up a notch!
As hard as it has been to get here and despite the struggles we may still have, oh how it is worth it when I see my boys so full of life.
We made a worm bin and yummy carrot, sweet potato ginger soup. Everyone including our dog enjoyed it's heavenly taste as we watched a gorgeous pink sunset.
This past weekend we hosted our homeschool group for a Michaelmas celebration. How fulfilling to have so many wonderful happy faces! Our group performed the Kite play on the porch of our log cabin. It was glorious!
Financially the change from successful breadwinner to SAHM with multiple side projects has been extremely trying, but the change in behavior from my oldest was necessary. I had not slept in years and it was terrible. People may not understand, but soon when we have untangled ourselves through extreme simplification and I can clearly and honestly talk through it - I know I will be filled with joy from our journey.
We are putting our hands in the ground on a large scale! We have chickens coming in almost daily to begin our egg CSA, bees will arrive and with a little funding this dream will transform into brilliant reality.
What a test of trust on so many levels!
I have my small business making homemade items - laundry detergent, deodorant and more. The profit is teeny but it gives me some pride and has paid for gas when we had no resources! I know it will grow!!!
My doTERRA business is building as well. Everyday I want to give up and I am greeted by so many reasons not to. We have changed our health and we are so close to changing our finances with it. There are so many reasons to keep going. I like keeping this blog about my life, but doTERRA grows a bit more daily and it is important to share. Daily we use the Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint protocol on my LO's feet. We have been able to stop using Benadryl regularly. This is a godsend for us. I broke a bottle   of Frankincense (heartbreaking!) but the smell is with me all the time - cleansing and clearing and reminding me of our rightness on this path.