Saturday, February 11, 2012

The internal struggle of concious parenting.

Parenting is difficult no matter what. Anyone out there find it easy? Now add to that a lifestyle a bit off from the norm and a lack of community.
Where does that leave you? Banging your head against the wall? Sobbing over your chamomile tea? Binge eating kale chips?

Today was an incredibly hard day. I am extremely sensitive. On top of my own emotions I am really good at picking up others and carrying them around for awhile. Now that is something I can take off my plate! It is not always easy to get back to center when I am in this space. I guess I would rather just avoid it and am being counter productive by just wishing it away.
And there is the answer! Instead of running away, I think it is time to delve in, live in it a bit and clear it out.
So let's get it all on the table. I am exhausted from trying to make things work.
Second clue - I am trying to make things work instead of allowing them to happen.
I am afraid that we cannot make ends meet and I am frustrated by instability.
Well. I am well aware that when I am relaxed and trust that things will work out I am FINE.
Yes - self - believe it. It is true! Self - the more you live in that trust - the more stability you have!
And you say - exhausted? Go to bed.
Processing out loud really works!