Thursday, October 24, 2013

Homemade love.

Lately our main source of income has been - doTERRA oils and the items I make with them. Are we there yet financially, no? Are we getting there? We must be because that is the only response we have from anyone in regards to work at the moment. My Best Deodorant Ever, and Almost Your Grandmother's Laundry Detergent are a hit - thank god! I just finished a batch. This is the time of year when my coconut oil does not work with me! But it is done. Ready for sale, now just to find a way to get there. Darn cars!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Handwork warms the soul!

So today as I was checking in on Facebook, I did my usual - messaged my doTERRA folks, checked in with my Waldorf peeps. Took a look around while I was waiting for answers. When I decided to watch something a friend had posted. I am not sure why. I  only saw it for a second, but I turned it off and immediately felt terrible. A woman high as a kite - a mess. I used to live in NYC where things like this were commonplace daily. I would ride the train home and watch people nodding out across from me. Wow - do I now live in a bubble. I am EXTREMELY sensitive, and that was a reminder of how thankful I am that I made such a drastic, difficult life change. There are days I miss NYC so much, and when I moved there I need the chaos and felt safe there. But not now. Now the trees make me feel safe, and so do the stars, the sounds of nature. Granted my nature now is drastically different then it was before I moved to the big city! And I am now exactly where I want to be.
I immersed myself back into some crafting and I feel lighter again! This really brought me a clear message of how much handwork and gardening feeds the soul. It grounds us and brings us peace.
It is Waldorf Swap madness time of year and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I just finished a wet felted gnome house, and feel compelled to make 20 more. I just want to scream from the rooftops,  "feeling lost, lonely and empty? get your wool on!!!!" Check out my work!