Monday, May 27, 2013

The peace that comes with chaos.

Our homeschooling/ unschooling journey has certainly been a test of patience, self confidence and ultimately trust.
It has taken us a long time, but we have finally found our rhythm and how beautiful it is. It is not always boxed, it requires going back to start sometimes, but wow, for the first time I truly see it and feel it and love.
Take for instanvce my child's refusal to poay attention to lessons, I was ready to crumble. Flash forward and I have a friend handling one main lesson a week and he is jumping out of his seat to help others. He says he can't read, but I caught him reading. There is such beauty in what we know. We have had group ups and downs, we have sang together, refused to sing together, come home and sang the things we refused to sing together for hours. We have wrestled with demons. We have faltered and stood back up. We have gone through great challenges, but when I look at what we have accomplished I am overjoyed. I am so lucky, so blessed. I have the best circle of humans far and wide.


Today we relocated a feral Mama Cat and her little kittens away from a very busy road. It was a huge test of patience. Especially with two little boys who wanted to cuddle with them. The Mama had let me pet her and kept giving me cues that she was ready to have them moved. After moving them one little rascal was certainly driving her crazy and reminded me of the bittersweet last days of nursing - that "oh my god I can't do this anymore"mixed with "ooh my cute little nugget how can I ever stop!" They are safely in my garage for the time being, and it has been amazing how creating a place of balance and peace is what attracts them closer to you when they are afraid. Well that...and a piece of string :).