Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So last week was super trying for this working mama.
My poor husband had kidney stones, and was down for the count for pretty much the whole week. It was pretty much the hottest week of the summer, and my little guy spent the week with me at work, poor thing. I missed my biggest savior too - weekly yoga class. The stretching has kept me sane!
Here I am still doing a full wheel at 36 weeks.

By Saturday the whole family was in meltdown mode.
Having recently left the city for a quaint river town 20 minutes north, we pretty much had no need for an air conditioner until last Wednesday. By about 7:30pm this extremely pregnant cranky woman watched in horror as her sick husband installed the air conditioner. That is love.
Everyone did sleep a whole lot better after this though.
I am happy to report that after a great deal of sleep and rest, and homeopathic remedies, my husband is almost 100%!

Today my long week was rewarded, by a free massage from the prenatal practicum at the Swedish Institute! It was awesome! Thank you!

This week also marks the real count down towards the new baby. 37.5 weeks. I have my home birth kit together and my Birth pool in a box Can't wait to report after I have used it.
I think I could use a couple more weeks to prepare - but probably everyone feels that way!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Do I actually have time to blog? Do I actually have time for anything?

I work full time as an event producer in NYC. I have an amazing husband who keeps me above water, and my amazing 3.5yr old son, who keeps me smiling. And I am 5 weeks away from baby number 2, who I plan to deliver at home with an amazing midwife. I believe in a natural lifestyle, healthy diet (I am gluten and lactose intolerant) educating the whole child and a life based on love. But sometimes it really is just so hard to find time to do anything. To just focus and be.
Maybe this can be a tool!
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