Monday, October 8, 2012

6 year old foot woes.

My 6 year old has had problems with his feet since birth. He has shortened achilles tendons from toe walking, which give him terrible leg pain at night, he also has additional toe issues  from wearing shoes on the wrong feet. Something he got such great joy from in kindergarten. And athlete's foot.
Now I know this is an overall sign of candida issues, that need to be dealt with internally, but I do want to jump for joy in regards to the topical solution we just made. Two nights ago, he got out of the bath tub and his hands and both feet, were completely covered with scaly, pealing skin. I have been using the doTerra Oils and quickly made a solution of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 6 drops of Melaleuca, 3 drops of Oregano, 3 drops of Lavender. I applied it before bed. The next morning his hands and 1 foot were 100% clear, and one foot was 65% better. I applied more and it was gone. Woot! He was having so much discomfort from it and the oils saved the day.

Going with the flow!

Sometimes life gives you pause and you are forced to wait. Excruciatingly, forever seeming waiting for change. You want to race out and chase down the answer and beat it down until it comes into fruition. Meanwhile you are so wrapped up, your children suffer, your spouse suffers, but none more than you as you wring your hands desperately for things to just show up  - show up already!
Meanwhile the universe is staring down at you in disbelief - screaming what are you talking about? You said you wanted more time at home, time to spend with your children, time to focus on alternative projects, etc, etc, etc.
Huh, you think? Yeah I said that, but I also said I wanted a million dollars, a new car and sunny weather so that my freedom would taste super sweet. And also I need all these things right now by the way.
Hmm. And within you at that moment two roads diverge. One is to stay in this place wringing your hands, pushing and pushing becoming more frustrated with each breath and pulling farther and farther away from the balance point you are so desperately working towards or to take a long, deep step backwards, along with a deep breath inwards and sigh. Release all that fear and just pause. It is not perfect, you falter, but you bring yourself back. And soon you find yourself playing with your children, knitting - whoa!, reading, and letting go. It is painful at times but nowhere near what it was when you lived in the anxiety. Everyday it becomes more peaceful, you listen to the guide within, you are not as confused, and the choices become easier, joyful even.
You step outside and see the beauty around you and realize THIS IS WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE. I am learning in this quiet moment. And for a moment once again you feel a tiny poke of fear, but this time the fear does not spiral down into a a never ending cycle downwards. Instead it rests, is honored and comforted. And all of a sudden you realize that PAUSE IS A GIFT.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Since I have started writing I have seen so many changes. A second child, a remarkable home birth, Waldorf Education, deciding to leave my career, a move to the south, a deeper understanding of relationships and reality, gardening, unexplainable allergies that point back to unfortunate western medical choise, goats, chickens, chicken pox, a move slightly farther north, the slow food, movement, community, unschooling, deciding to throw myself into certification classes for essential oils, iridology and homeopathy, followed by being accepted to a pretty hardcore masters program for Chinese Medicine, which means a move to the other side of the country.
What does this mean we have had some much come through our experience in such a short time that we finally need to let go and trust. What is the point of being resistant?
Not let me just lay down so you can walk all over me, but let us follow our intuition, build a boat with some basic supplies and let me trust you will dock us safely and gracefully on the shore.
My family and I are so blessed to continue this journey everyday. What a beautiful world we live in. What a wonderful family I have. We are truly blessed, full and free.
So many adventures to follow!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I am on a health kick!

Well I have been on it for awhile, but I am very excited about my new path. Aromatherapy! I am taking a certification class and signed up with doTerra Oils. I love Young Living as well, but after being introduced by a friend, I went with doTerra. Today, I had a really big confirmation. I had a terrible stomach ache. Terrible. I thought very possibly I was getting a bad bug. I am working hard to use alternative therapies and realized I had DigestZen in the Family Physician kit. I rubbed on my tummy - and wow! It was an immediate solution. I feel so much better. I'm sold. If you would like more info check out my web page

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The internal struggle of concious parenting.

Parenting is difficult no matter what. Anyone out there find it easy? Now add to that a lifestyle a bit off from the norm and a lack of community.
Where does that leave you? Banging your head against the wall? Sobbing over your chamomile tea? Binge eating kale chips?

Today was an incredibly hard day. I am extremely sensitive. On top of my own emotions I am really good at picking up others and carrying them around for awhile. Now that is something I can take off my plate! It is not always easy to get back to center when I am in this space. I guess I would rather just avoid it and am being counter productive by just wishing it away.
And there is the answer! Instead of running away, I think it is time to delve in, live in it a bit and clear it out.
So let's get it all on the table. I am exhausted from trying to make things work.
Second clue - I am trying to make things work instead of allowing them to happen.
I am afraid that we cannot make ends meet and I am frustrated by instability.
Well. I am well aware that when I am relaxed and trust that things will work out I am FINE.
Yes - self - believe it. It is true! Self - the more you live in that trust - the more stability you have!
And you say - exhausted? Go to bed.
Processing out loud really works!